"Chris is like a powerless Superman who's Kryptonite can easily be bought at the supermarket" -Adam Pichardo

"chris you are a champion among men" -Anita
Posted on 23rd Apr at 9:53 PM, with 1 note

i unfollowed everyone on twitter and now twitter is fun B)

Posted on 22nd Apr at 10:05 PM

in my later years i’d like to be described as a “gentle but intense woodsman”. that’s what i want

Posted on 21st Apr at 10:43 PM

you : 💃

me : 🗿

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Moms Hate These 6 Secret Karate Techniques That Will Definitely Kill Your Opponent, But Will Eventually Kill You Too

Posted on 19th Apr at 10:24 PM

just call me “world engine”

Posted on 19th Apr at 12:18 PM, with 1 note

i’m excited to go to brooklyn tomorrow for easter B)

Posted on 19th Apr at 10:35 AM, with 1 note

i used to really be into the term ‘acid jazz’. not even the thing just the stupid term itself

Posted on 19th Apr at 1:00 AM

feel good power hour

Posted on 18th Apr at 10:39 PM

have i ever read a book twice?

Posted on 18th Apr at 9:57 PM

I would like to punch.

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